What is Anime?

What is Anime ? Why is it so popular?

Ever heard your friends discussing about Anime? Felt curious? Well, it is the perfect time for you to start watching anime because you would regret wasting your time not watching the same. So first of all, what actually is “Anime”?

 By the way, the singular and plural of Anime is Anime only.

Well to define the term “Anime”, you would need a whole encyclopedia to be published on it, but I can sure give you a hazy introduction about what it actually is. “Anime” is a short version of the complete word “animation”. For decades, Anime has been produced by and for Japan but they have moved on to gain reputation all across the globe with millions of people binge-watching them.

manga to anime

Otakus 100%
Anime Fans 70%
Manga Fans 30%

Anime/ Manga fans call themselves “otakus” and are proud of their title. They often call anime as the stretching heaven which is dominating every other type of animations. Anyone who likes a particular genre can find hundreds of high-rated anime series under that genre, for example, “Steins Gate” is an example of science-fiction genre where the storyline revolves around time travel.


One more thing to note is that NEVER CALL AN ANIME AS CARTOON because you really wouldn’t want the otakus to get around your neck to eat you up. You must have watched the series “Dragon Ball Z” and might have referred to them as cartoons. Well, Dragon Ball is one of the finest and oldest works of Japanese anime industry. Another very prestigious example is the worldwide famous humorous series known as “Doraemon”. They also are anime…..

The American cartoon productions like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” are a direct copy of the anime itself and many other movies like “Death Note” are just a live-action English version of the same storyline first narrated in the anime. I guess this introduction was enough for you guys to start watching anime. If you want to start off with a short anime of 12-15 episodes, then the best option is “attack on titan”(Shingeki No Kyojin) or if you want a long series of anime for binge-watching, then go for “one piece”! Happy Watching!

                                                           Why is anime so popular?

Must have heard your high school fellows talking about anime? Or even your siblings running like Naruto and fantasizing Hinata…LOL! You would have for sure wondered why anime is so popular. Well, your answer cannot simply be told in a line or a paragraph.

Unique Animation & Strong Character Development

Something that makes Anime so popular is their uniqueness. The new unique storyline, themes, and character development mixed with the Japanese culture make anime unique enough to attract millions of viewers around the world. Anime have strong character developments. Some shounen anime also spend tens of episodes just to describe a particular character and make the character dominant in the viewer’s mind causing the reader to be influenced by them. Their cool superpowers and living styles and heroism make the viewer love them.

Try watching a shounen anime and believe me you won’t be able to forget the main character in the series. Some people also report that they have seen considerate changes in the behaviors of their fellow beings after binge-watching a particular anime series mainly as a result of character dominance. This makes a person talk and act about the character making the people around him curious about the particular character which in return becomes an incentive for the people to watch that very particular series. You might have seen some teens running around you in Naruto ninja style. This is a clear depiction of how those characters influence you.

Plot, I mean literally!

Another reason why anime is popular is the amazing storylines the writers come up with. The hero is shown as a victim of several atrocities making the viewer’s pity him. The emotion of pity on someone intrigues the person’s mind to know about him and his fate. This is something which attracts the people toward the storyline. The melancholic pasts, the hard on fights and hard presents attract the viewers and the plot twists make people love the storyline hence making its viewers influenced by it. You cannot find such tough storylines in any other animated series or live-action series making people resort to anime only.

A research found that American millennium most viewed series was the anime series and their addiction towards anime has led to influence the next generation increasing the viewers day by day. Anime mainly circle around the emotions of love, honesty, and loyalty and the anime lovers (otakus) find it as a responsibility that they must spread their beloved anime series. There are many other reasons why anime are so popular mainly marketing and etc but one of the most interesting reasons leading us to why anime is so popular is the study of Japanese culture. Japanese culture is one of the most colorful, ancient and loved culture and people actually want to know about the culture of Japan and they find Anime the best source to know about it.