surprising anime facts

Anime Facts

  1. Anime is a hand-drawn picture or computer animation in Japan. However, in other parts of the world, this word represents colorful graphics, spirited characters, and magical settings.
  2. The word anime refers to animation while the term “manga” represents comics and cartooning. The anime shows are frequently inspired by manga.
  3. Japan houses several big anime industries. The television shows related to anime account around 60% of world’s entertainment.
  4. Do you know that the country has big voice acting schools? It houses almost 130 voice acting schools.
  5. Code Geass has been sponsored by Pizza Hut, a popular pizza hub and BIGLOBE, a renowned internet service provider in Japan. For this reason, several Britannians in the show munch on pizza.
  6. Every week around 40 new Anime come in view on the television show in Japan.
  7. The characters of anime represent most popular Sci-Fic roles including post-apocalyptic metropolises, robots, and motorcycles.
  8. You are aware of the term Manga, but have ever thought the meaning of it? The term means Whimsical Pictures in Japanese which is a hand-drawn picture.
  9. Anime is very popular in Japan, so when someone feels that they don’t need any particular manga volume they just leave it on the public table. Someone who is in need of that particular volume can pick it up.
  10. Sasuke was not intended to be created in the initial series. On a discussion with the team, Kishimoto, the author of Naruto was suggested to make a potential opponent of the main character. This eventually ended up in creation of Sasuke
  11. People in Japan are so crazy for anime character which insisted them to open “Manga Cafés”. Readers who are going crazy for Manga can enjoy their cup of coffee at the café with their favorite character.
  12. Love for Manga among Japanese is incredible which makes them to spend around 30 £ for it every year.
  13. The popular manga Attack on Titan is an inspiration from a drunk customer who visited a internet café. The experience with this customer made Hajime Isayama to create this particular manga. This inspiration ended up in the making of series.
  14. Eucliwood Hellscythe from the show Is This a Zombie? have around 22 different voice actresses for the similar number of episodes
  15. People in Japan consider animation as a extended form of drama show. They consider this place to experiment and refine new art forms. Many talented artists are being created by  Anime.
  16. The name “Gamabunta” in the Naruto anime series is a derivative from the well-known Japanese actor Bunta Sugawara. He acted as a Yakuza member in the Battles without Honor and Humanity series.
  17. The director of the series Yakuza films, Kinji Fukasaku, were also honored in the series Naruto by appearing as Fukasaku, an elder ninja toad in the show.
  18. The anime series Space Brothers featured a real-life astronaut Akihiko Hoshide for its 31st episode. On this show he recorded his part in the International Space Station (ISS). When asked to Akihiko Hoshide about his experience on this series, he expressed his excitement in the following words “It was quite difficult, but I did my best. I am very excited to see what kind of an anime scene it will turn out to be.”
  19. The anime name Gundam was derived from Bandai South Asia.This is the original name for those military robots which exactly means “gun” and “freedom.”
  20. The creator of this series Yoshiyuki Tomino changed the name as Gundam inorder to represent the fact that the robots are being used in the military like a dam to hold back enemies.