Attack on Titan is an anime that is based on a world that is filled with enormous human-shaped Titans. Bounded among the three huge walls named Maria, Rose, and Sina, there are many people fearing for their lives and security. The story is based on our very own two characters Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackermann and their relationship.

When the arc of Shiganshina was brought down by the Colossus Titan, Eren and Mikasa had to face a bad fate. They not only lost their home but also lost their mother. Alone and scared, both of them were transported to safety within the Wall Rose.

But the incident left Eren with hatred and he vowed to kill every titan to avenge her mother. Even though it was his anger that was speaking, but Mikasa didn’t step back and supported his decision. It was Mikasa’s way to show her love for Eren.

Eren is like the elixir that boosts Mikasa and helps her to stay strong. Basically, Mikasa and Eren’s relationship is that of a brother and sister. Mikasa is Eren’s adoptive sister and they met during an incident that took place a year before the Fall of Wall Maria.

eren saves mikasa

The relationship between Mikasa and Eren grew stronger when Eren saved her from the human traffickers who murdered Mikasa’s mother and father. They tried to abduct her but Eren saved her. That one moment left a deep impact on Mikasa and now Mikasa loves Eren more than her life.

She owns her life to Eren because if Eren wouldn’t have dared to attack those kidnappers, then maybe Mikasa wouldn’t have lived the life she was leading now. The relationship that Mikasa and Eren share is one rare to be seen.

The best example of Mikasa’s love for Eren is the red scarf she keeps wrapped around her neck. It was given to her by Eren in order to comfort her after the traumatic incident she faced. Mikasa couldn’t be left alone so Eren’s parents decided to adopt her.

Mikasa had always been there for Eren. Even when Eren used to fight the bullies to save his friend Armin, Mikasa used to jump in between to save him. Mikasa’s love for Eren has always been pure and even Eren loves Mikasa equally.

Although Mikasa’s feeling for Eren may suggest that she is in love with him but for Eren, she’s rather a mother than a lover. Mikasa’s presence matters a lot to him. A relationship built on the foundation of love and friendship.

For Mikasa, Eren is her family and the only one she is left with. Without him, she has no reason to live. Even when Eren was eaten by the Titan, Mikasa couldn’t bear the very fact that Eren is no more. She lost control over herself and brutally killed all the Titans.

Another incident that expresses how much Mikasa loves Eren is when the Armored Titan and Colossus Titan kidnap Eren. Mikasa felt so helpless because she couldn’t save him, so she went on a mission with the other cadets to bring him back. It’s Mikasa’s protective nature for Eren that has helped her significantly to brush her skills as a soldier.

Mikasa’s bond with Eren is no doubt her most precious relationship that she treasures the most above all. But it’s not like she is humble and kind to Eren only. Overall, she is one smart, beautiful and modest person with excellent fighting skills. It’s Eren who’s her biggest strength, and it is Eren only who’s her biggest weakness.

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