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anime with superpowers

Who doesn’t want to have superpowers? Superpowers, especially, from anime that people love watching? There are several anime with superpowers but some of them are on a whole new level. The following is a list of some of them:

6. Dragon slayers (Fairy Tail) With a world full of magic, there are several monstrously strong mages within the anime but the dragon slayers surpass them all. Dragon slayers possess the lost magic directly coming from the dragons. The magic slayers have intense senses like sense of smell, hearing and sight, just like the dragons. The magic slayers are all always brutally strong and have the ability to consume the magic they wield, as well. They are someone who can stand on par with dragons and can actually kill them.

5. Demon Weapons (Soul Eater): The story of the anime comprises of the students who are partnered with their friends who can change into weapons so that they can bring end to the tyrannies of the evil spirits that prey on the helpless. The duos have immense strength and show great powers to annihilate the enemy. At the end of the day, who would not crave to go for hunting with his best friend on his back as a gun?! LOL!

soul eater weapons

4. Devil Fruits (One piece): One piece are an anime with super powers of several kinds with one main source which is the devil fruit. If any of the devil fruit is eaten by a person, the person will have a specific type of almost-unlimited power that can destroy hundreds of marine warships at one go. Although, the devil fruits take away your ability to stay in sea water, they in return give you so much power and unique abilities that you will be eager to exchange your swimming hobby with the given superpowers. The devil fruits provide different powers varying from fire body, ice body and steel body to ability to bring earthquake and etc. Fire Fist Ace, for example, could destroy several marine ships with one single fist attack and Whitebeard could destroy the whole marine base with an earthquake.
devil fruits

3. Sharingan (Naruto): The Naruto series is full of strong ninjas with overwhelming anime powers but the ninjas belonging to the uchiha clan surpass them all as their ocular sharingan power is the strongest one leaving all others behind. Being the deadliest and most unique out of all, it has three main powers; Tsukuyomi (illusions), Amaterasu (creation of inextinguishable black flames) and Susanoo (Summoning a gigantic, humanoid being made of the user’s chakra that surrounds them and fights on their behalf). The members of uchiha clan, owing to their Sharingan, have often been shown as the strongest of all. Itachi Uchiha is one example as he could easily destroy a whole clan using his sharingan.

2.  Super Saiyan (DBZ ) Dragon Ball, an anime with superpowers that could destroy whole universe systems, are quite famous, especially, among the 90s kids. One of the most highlighted superpower in the anime is Super Saiyan, a monstrous power, which could make several times stronger than hulk and could bring your strength and power to a whole new level! Agree or not, everyone in our childhood has, at least, once tried to be a super saiyan!
super saiyan

1.Geass (Code Geass) Pretty much a hypnotism but on a much stronger level which is one of the top if not the best type of Geass in this Anime Series. The Protagonist Lelouch in this anime possesses this unique yet dominant Geass superpower which lets him control the victim to the fullest. For this power to activate, he just needs to have direct eye contact with the victim. After that whatever he commands the victim, he/she must follow the same. For what I feel this power is on top spot because however strong the enemy is, with just a look in the eye the enemy is sure to kneel down.

Going deeper into the fantasies, who wouldn’t risk his life to get these amazing superpowers? The answer is crystal clear and ya’ll know it! Happy Dreaming! Let us know which Anime Superpowers you wish to have in the comments below.


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